Hatebase for Nonprofit Organizations

Una Hakika

Hatebase was first launched in 2013 in partnership with The Sentinel Project, a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to assisting communities threatened by mass atrocities. As a potential early warning indicator of violence, hate speech can be a valuable source of data for helping make decisions about the best use of organizational resources, and has been a factor in The Sentinel Project's operations in Kenya, Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Getting Started

To begin working with Hatebase data, register for an account, self-provision an API key, and ensure that you or a colleague is comfortable authoring the code necessary to extract data from Hatebase.

Please note that registration is free for registered nonprofit organizations. Please use your .org email address to speed registration. Public benefit corporations and other for-profit charitable organizations must register as a company.

Philanthropic Outreach

Hatebase is committed to helping nonprofits make best use of its open data, particularly in conflict zones, and endeavors to make its leadership and technical experts available to organizations who require advice or consultation. Please inquire.

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