Hatebase for Companies

Hatebase is increasingly a critical tool for online communities seeking to moderate user-generated content and provide a hate-resistant ecosystem. Like a human moderator, Hatebase can ascertain the probability of hate speech context from blog posts, comments and chat messages. Unlike a human moderator, Hatebase has a lexicon of vocabulary which spans 80+ languages and 175+ countries. Together, Hatebase and human moderation can help reduce incidents of hate speech in busy multi-threaded communities.

How to use Hatebase Vocabulary

Companies can download filtered or unfiltered vocabulary resultsets from the Hatebase API and save those terms asynchronously on local storage to be used when analyzing user posts. The current vocabulary API endpoints provide continually refreshed metadata, such as recent regionalization of the vocabulary, to help companies selectively search for use of the vocabulary based on user geography. In the near future, a custom analysis endpoint will also be available which will allow companies to submit text snippets and metadata for near-real-time determination of hate speech context.

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