Hatebase for Students, Teachers and Nonprofit Researchers

Hatebase makes its data freely available to academia to help support research on hate speech. Much of this research can be found by searching arXiv.

Researchers are encouraged to take advantage of Hatebase's vocabulary dataset, which is a valuable lexicon for searching other data repositories such as public forums, as well as Hatebase's sightings dataset, which is useful for trending analysis, although care should be taken to rationalize any sightings data to eliminate artifacting such as acquisition rate and regional Internet adoption.

Getting Started

To begin working with Hatebase data, register for an account, self-provision an API key, and ensure that you or a colleague is comfortable authoring the code necessary to extract data from Hatebase.

Please note that academic registration is free for full-time students, professors and nonprofit researchers. Please use your .edu email address to speed registration. For-profit research organizations must register as a company.

Academic Outreach

Hatebase is committed to helping academia make best use of its open data, and endeavors to make its leadership and technical experts available to students, professors and universities for remote or in-classroom consultation. Please inquire.

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