Although we've tried to make the Hatebase API as easy to work with as possible, we're always happy to see developers posting wrappers in different languages to speed integration for others. Our most popular wrapper is Daniel Dufour's Python wrapper, which he's continued to update as our API iterates.

If you'd like to create an SDK for your own language of choice, here's how to proceed:

  1. Check GitHub and see who else has tackled this. A number of our users do one-off wrappers which fall out of date as our API changes, but you might be able to pick up some pointers.
  2. Start your own codebase, bearing in mind (a) you shouldn't hard-code your API key, (b) you shouldn't include any actual data from Hatebase, since we need all consumers of our data to be attributable through our API, and (c) you should make sure you include the API version in your README
  3. Post your code to GitHub and let us know so we can spread the word about it
  4. Plan to keep an eye on the Hatebase API and release updates as required. The good news is that we don't do updates that often, and when we do, we mainly do backwards-compatible iterations