Hatebase for Government

A critical responsibility of government is to protect constituents at home and abroad. Hatebase provides regionally-specific, time-delimited data which can help government agencies validate threat indices, allocate resources for countermessaging, and alert citizens of dangers to specific targeted groups in specific regions.

Threats at Home

Neo-Nazis, Ukraine

As nationalist, xenophobic and extremist movements become increasingly ascendant and increasingly vocal, the Hatebase API can be used to help monitor domestic hate speech at a very granular level (by using Hatebase's multilingual vocabulary to search for inflammatory language) or at the aggregate level (by using Hatebase's sightings data to measure regionalized spikes in hate speech usage).

Threats Abroad

Hatebase's near-real-time datasets can help protect citizens when abroad through contextualization with other regionalized events such as elections, health crises and civil conflict. For instance, a spike in hate speech toward particular groups in other countries can help governments provide their citizens with relevant advisories prior to and during travel.

Plug-n-Play Hate Speech Monitoring

Federal, regional and municipal governments can take advantage of Hatebase's free "hate speech intake form", which can be installed on any website with a single line of code and provide instant community feedback via the Hatebase API.

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