License the Hatebase API

We offer several different licensing options depending on the type of organization which will using our data.

Can't find the right license? Contact us and we'll help point you in the right direction.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Hatebase assists clients with resource constraints by providing data-rich, time-sensitive analysis of specific areas of concern. Our data analysis team has specific expertise with linguistic deobfuscation, comparative deartifacting, and custom integration with external data sources and platforms. Reports can be formatted to any specifications, and are delivered electronically with any desired frequency.   Inquire


Hatebase offers on-site training and support in hate speech detection and monitoring, platform integration, and data analysis and visualization.   Inquire


Hatebase staff can assist with specific requirements, including vocabulary intake for specific regions, operational oversight or collaboration on domestic and international programs, and technological integration with external systems.   Inquire